"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."


July 27, 2014

Went to Goodwill industries to drop off donations from my daughter.  I’ve dropped off there before and knew that they have a “No Guns” placecard posted.  My basic policy is that a business that does not respect my rights does not deserve my business.  BUT, GOODWILL Industries is a charitable, non-profit organization.  So since I see charity as a good cause I wasn’t going to hold back just because of what I consider an asinine policy.  It was nice that they had a drive-up drop off so I didn’t have to remove my firearm and secure it in the car safe.
After my truck had been unloaded I decided to ask the young lady and gentleman that had helped me about the no guns sign.  I asked if it was a corporate policy or an individual store policy.  Their response surprised me.  They said it was corporate policy because it was state law.  Interesting that they do not know why a policy is in effect but that they are willing to support it.  I have not been able to find anywhere that it is state law. Now, for the record I do not financially support a business that does not support my constitutional rights whether it be the first or the second amendment or any of them for that matter.  If I can purchase the goods or services I desire from another source I will.  With regards to the second amendment I have a number of questions.
Is your business going to take responsibility for my personal protection?
Does your business realize that being a law abiding citizen that has taken the time, effort and responsibility to LEGALLY carry is not the same as the predator that unlawfully carries a concealed weapon. 
My purpose is legal,  while theirs is not.  I have been trained, vetted by local, state and federal law enforcement.  I will abide by the law.  The criminal has not and will not.   Since he may be there, and you are not guaranteeing my personal safety, I will not be there.
Employers that do not allow concealed carry of on duty employees are another matter because generally they are expressing their desire to avoid liability issues is a customer is injured by an employee that is carrying.  BUT, if they have ANY restrictions regarding parking lots as safe havens, that employee loses a lot of points.  Why, because we do not just drive to and from work.  We make stops, go grocery shopping, pick up dinner and get gas.  Policies such as these are not respectful of their employees.  They treat employees as if their lives were centered around their jobs.  Some companies have a no guns policy in the parking lot because they want to avoid the possibility of workplace shootings.  Face it if a nut job decides to shoot up their workplace a company policy will not stop them.

July 25, 2014

I went to the local gun range with a few new shooters.  We fired a variety of handguns and an AR-15.  It was ‘Interesting’ to see the look on the faces of two of the shooters when we went to fire my concealed carry handgun.  When I pulled back my shirt an withdrew the firearm from it’s holster I noticed two very surprised looks.  We’d been together for close to an hour and even though the knew I teach concealed carry they did not know or suspect that I was carrying a loaded firearm under my shirt.  Concealed means concealed!

July 15, 2014

Helping daughter pack and she asked how it was going setting up APEX DEFENSIVE SOLUTIONS.  I told her the current status and she asked a simple question.  ‘why would anyone go thru all that time and training, instead of just putting a gun under their clothes?”  I turned my right side to her and said. Because they might do this….. Then I reached toward the ceiling with my right hand knowing that the short denim jacket I wore would ride up and expose the lower portion of my paddle holster an handgun.  Her exclamation of surprise that I was carrying a gun was priceless.  Since I was in her home I allowed it to show in a way that I would normally avoid.  She was very surprised and even more so when I explained that I had been carrying when we went to dinner at Portillo's previously.

July 11, 2014

Thought for today.  IWB holsters provide better concealment and help to keep the gun tighter to the body, while paddle holsters are much more comfortable.  Still need to lose a few more pounds. No placards at Target, Walmart, Aldi or the gas station.

July 10, 2014

I got a callback from the grocery store and was assured that the signs ONLY apply to on duty associates and vendors.  Legal concealed carry is welcome in their store.

July 9, 2014

I sent an inquiry to the grocery store to clarify their firearms policy.  I checked the sign at their doors and it stated that it only applied to on duty employees and vendors.

July 8, 2014

I had the day off and went into Chicago with my brother in law.  Afterwards we stopped by my job to talk to a couple people.  As we were leaving he asked if I wanted to walk over to the nearby grocery store because he needed his energy drink fix.  I told him I would have to wait outside because the have a no guns placard posted.  He replied that he didn’t even know I was carrying.  That’s the point of concealed carry.  I guess it works.
After we returned from the city we went to GAT Guns for a little range time.  The sign at the door stated that concealed carry was welcome, just keep your gun holstered.  Makes sense to me.

July 5, 2014

Day 5

Ran some errands with the wife and father-in-law.  We went to BUY BUY BABY, TARGET, HOME DEPOT and VALI PRODUCE.  I was concerned that the baby store might have a no weapons policy, especially since Babies ‘r Us and Toys ‘r Us have no weapons policies.  But there were no placards posted.  I know that TARGET recently requested that people not openly carry weapons in their stores,   But there were none at TARGET as well.  This takes me to OPEN CARRY.
How do I feel about it?  I fully support the right to keep and bear arms for law abiding citizens that are not a danger to themselves or others.  I have done open carry of a handgun.  I don’t like it, I think that the open carry of rifles is a symbolic gesture that was not fully thought out.  If you want to garner support for your beliefs, making the public uncomfortable is not the way to do it.

July 4, 2014

Day 4

Independence Day!  And fireworks.  No I didn't, and never have fired,  my firearm into the air to celebrate.  That is a foolish and dangerous act and anyone that does such a stupid act should be arrested, charged and imprisoned as a danger to society.
I didn’t flinch with ever firework explosion, thinking that someone was shooting at me.  Nor did I have people acting as if I had suddenly lost my mind and started randomly shooting my fellow citizens.

July 3, 2014

Day 3

Life continues to be normal.  Normal is good.  No psychotic urges, no macho posturing and no one confronting me about my decision to carry a concealed weapon.  I stopped by my wife's office and no one was the wiser.  In fact, since the firearm is concealed I really don't think ANYONE knows.  Which is the point of LEGAL concealed carry. 
One thing I want to stress is the importance of a good quality and comfortable holster.  Since this is by far not my first time with a CCW I already knew the issues I would be dealing with.  Even a small gun is relatively heavy and will weigh down your pants.  If it is not well secured it will shift when you sit, when you stand or when you move in just about any way.  A quality CONCEALMENT holster will hold your gun securely.  It will keep it in place so you are not constantly shifting it.  It will also hold it tight to your body so that it will not “print” so easily or move when you walk or run.  And it will be comfortable.  If it is gouging, pinching or rubbing you will fuss and fiddle with it like a 6 year old child in a new suit.  Attach your holster to a sturdy belt and you will do well.

July 2, 2014

Day 2

Normal work day.  Since my employer does not allow concealed carry on the job, and I do like my job...  I follow the rules.  I did make the announcement on Facebook so many of my coworkers know that I am a CCW holder.  No hostile or fearful reactions that I had some how crossed over from proud grandpa to some kind of deranged predator.  When I made a stop at the gas station in the morning the clerk didn't panic and throw money at me.  He was his typical rude self and I was typically patience.

July 1, 2014

Day 1

Day 1 of having an Illinois CCW.  I had the day off so this day was actually a day where more time in the public was on the agenda.  I ran a couple errands.  Dropped off the wagon used in my daughters wedding.  No problems there, even though no one was home, no neighbors called the police to say that a strange black man was in the shed and he has a gun.
Went to Target, Verizon and Bed Bath and Beyond.  No one reacted to me as if I had grown horns and was there to cause mayhem and destruction.  Just a typical day of shopping.  As I was driving I was cut off by 3 separate drivers.  Road rage did not kick in, but I have to admit I was hoping the WHITE SOX would loose in their next game.  Typical for the Chicagoland area.
Later I went to Portillo’s for dinner.  The only incident I had was with my wife.  She reached around to feel if I was carrying.  Training kicked in, gently, and I let her know that was NOT the way to find out.  I explained to her all she needed to do was ask.  That she should not draw attention to my firearm.  Or hers in the future.
After dinner we went for a walk.  As we started out she stepped behind me and looked at me for a moment.  Not checking out my buttes I hoped, but to see if I was printing.  Funny thing is my gun was not, probably due to checking previously myself, but my cellphone and spare mag were.  Something to work on.
Over all just a normal day.  No one challenging my right to carry, my gun is concealed and I don’t have horns.  I do have to pay attention to signage at the entrance that prohibits CCW, but I have been doing that for years anyway.  Just not in Illinois.
Biggest revelation of the day.  I need to lose 10 pounds if I want to continue to use IWB holsters.
The point is that having a CCW is not obvious to the rest of the world.  The changes are in your lifestyle.  If it is done correctly you will be the only one that knows.

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